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Laurie Majka is an Inspirational Artist – which means she receives the ideas for her artwork and writing in powerful “downloads” or fully formed ideas she “sees” in her mind. She believes these concepts are inspired from her Higher Self, Universal Consciousness, God and her Spirit Team. Laurie began receiving communications from the Other Side in 2012 when her Soul Mate Mark passed away, confirming her belief that love never dies. Now, with her book and podcast, she hopes through her story, you will understand her signs in a way that lets you recognize signs from your loved ones. Laurie also believes her life’s purpose is to send positive energy into the World.

She created Soul Heart Art as a way to help do that by encouraging people to harness the power of their Soul. Her Daily Soul Whispers have inspired millions of people worldwide.

You can connect to her YouTube channel: Laurie Majka and on her web site She would love you to share stories of signs you have received from your loved ones…

Jan 27, 2021

What is time exactly? How can we look at it differently to harness it's power as a Powerful Soul? In this episode we will explore what time is and how it is an illusion, then I'll share some ideas you can implement right away, to get the most from your time...xo Laurie

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Dec 16, 2020

Did you experience tremendous loss in 2020? This episode is designed to help you. As powerful Souls, we have the ability to harness the losses we have experienced to help us grow and make us stronger. I will share my personally stories of the losses I experienced in 2020, and how I found ways to use those experiences to...

Nov 12, 2020

No one can escape the ripple effect that their thoughts, words and actions have on the world. In this episode we will explore the idea that the energy you send into the world returns to you, and has an effect greater than you can imagine. You can harness it's power to help bring more love to you, and in turn send...

Oct 23, 2020

What is a Twin Flame, what is their purpose and how do we recognize them? This episode of Powerful Soul! will attempt to demystify the concept of Twin Flames, which is a relationship that will hold your feet to the fire until you either evolve, run or burn....xo Laurie

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Oct 6, 2020

Do we have more than one Soul Mate? What is their purpose and how do we know when we've met them? What is a Soul Contract and do we have a contract with every person in our lives? Understanding Soul Mates and Soul Contracts will help you more clearly understand the significant relationships in your life...xo...